Vocabulary and Idiom Review

A. Match the word in the left-hand column with its OPPOSITE in the right-hand column:

  1. popular – unpopular
  2. happy – sad
  3. late – early
  4. strong – weak
  5. upstairs – downstairs
  6. true – false
  7. lower – higher
  8. hard – soft
  9. lost – found
  10. dirty – clean

B. Use the following expressions in sentences of your own:

1. be known as 5. in the past 9. be ashamed of
2. for the good of  6. after all 10. all day
3. play jokes on 7. on time
4. for a while 8. at night

  1. She is known as a good artist.
  2. We are planting trees for the good of nature.
  3. He plays jokes on his little brother.
  4. I can’t drink milk for a while.
  5. She worked hard in the past.
  6. After all, they couldn’t forgive him.
  7. I couldn’t wake up on time.
  8. She was ashamed of her less knowledge.
  9. We watched cartoon at night.
  10. I was busy all day.

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