New grammar. Rewrite the sentences using must have, might have, or can’t have.

1 I’m sure the burglar got in through an open window.
The burglar must have got in through an open window.
2 Perhaps you left your bag on your seat in the restaurant.
You might have left
3 I’m sure my wife didn’t take my keys. She never does that.
My wife can’t have taken 
4 Perhaps our neighbours have gone on holiday. There are no lights on in the house.
Our neighbours might have gone 
5 I’m sure the Mayor didn’t accept the bribe. He’s a very honest man.
The Mayor can’t have accepted 
6 Perhaps the thieves sold the stolen goods.
The thieves might have sold 
7 Im sure my girlfriend was at home last night. She was studying for an exam.
My girlfriend must have been
8 I’m sure I didn’t borrow any money from you. I never forget things like that.
can’t have borrowed