Fill in the Blanks

Place one of the new words in each of the blanks below.
1. I have it on the highest authority that the lead in the play has been chosen.
2. I am going to encourage my brother to become a lawyer.
3. Uncle Sam is the well-known symbol of the United States.
4. We pay $5 a month to keep our house free from vermin.
5. When a country is neutral , it does not want to get involved in foreign conflict.
6. What type of art work do you consider to be beautiful?
7. The fierce lion clawed at the visitors to the zoo.
8. To hear the wail of a person in sorrow is to hear a dismal* sound.
9. Only a trifle of Ivan’s fortune was left to his human beneficiaries; most of the money was
given to his cats.
1 0. I detest people who are jealous* of my success.
11. The unpleasant salesgirl always had a scowl on her face.
12. My father warned me not to sneer at our poor relatives.

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