a Rewrite the bold sentence sentence with must / might (not) / can’t + have + verb.
1. I’m sure Ben has read my email. I sent it yesterday.
1. Ben must have read my email…
2. Holly’s crying. Perhaps she’s had an argument with her boyfriend.
2. …She might have had an argument with her boyfriend.
3. I’m sure Sam and Ginny haven’t got lost. They had a map.
3. Sam and Ginny can’t have got lost…
4. You saw Ellie yesterday? That’s impossible, She was in bed with flu.
4. You can’t saw Ellie yesterday…
5. Perhaps John didn’t hear you. You know he’s a bit deaf.
5. John might not have heard you…
6. I’m sure Lucy  has bought a new car. I saw her driving a Mercedes!
6. Lucy must have bought…
7. I’m sure Alex wasn’t very ill. He was only off for one day.
7.  Alexs can’t have been very ill…
8. They didn’t come to our party. Maybe they didn’t recive the invitataion.
8. They might not have recived the invitation.

b Respond to the firs sentece using should / shouldn’t have + a verb in the list.

buy go (x2) invite learn save

  1. A We couldn’t understand anybody in Paris.
    You should have learnt some French before you went.
  2. A Tom told mw his phone number but I’ve forgotten it.
    You should have saved it on your mobile phone.
  3. Rob was late becouse tehre was so much treffic.
    He shouldn’t have gone by car. The train is much faster.
  4. Amanda was rude to everyone at my party.
    You should’t have ivited her. She’s always like that.
  5. I haven’t got any money left after going shopping yesterday.
    You shouldn’t have bought so many shoes. Didn’t you need three pairs?
  6. A You look really tired.
    I know. I should have gone to bed earlier.

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