a. Circle the correct verb in each pair of sentences.

1  a When I saw my wife’s face, I noticed / realized that I had bought the wrong size.
b My husband never notices / realizes when I’ve been to the hairdresser’s.
2  a The water level in the river is raising / rising.
b Don’t raise / rise your voice when you are having an argument.
3  a I think we need to argue / discuss our new marketing plan.
b Teenagers often argue / discuss with their parents.
4  a There is a new road safety campaingn to avoid / prevent accidents.
b We took the ring road to avoid / prevent going through the city centre.
5  a Please remember / reminde to lock the door before you go out.
b Remember / reminde me to phone my mother later – it’s her birthday.
6  a I expect / hope she’ll come to the party. I’d really like to see her.
b My driving test is next week, but I’m not expecting / hoping to pass – I’ve only had ten lessons.
7  a Mandy hasn’t invited me to her party, but I don’t mind / matter.
b It dosen’t mind / matter if we’re a bit late.
8  a Oh no! Somebody’s stolen / robbed my bike.
b A 40-year-old man has charged with robbing / stealing a bank in the High Street.
9  a I woke up in the night because I heard / listened to a noise.
b If you had heard / lestened to what I was saying, you’d know what the problem was.
10 a Your brother seems / looks exactly like your rather – he’s got the same eyes.
b When I spoke to him on the phone, I tought he seemes / looked quite friendly.

c  Complete the quetions with one of the verbs form each pair in a in the right form. Then ask and answer with a partner.

  1. Do you usually notice what colour eyes people hane?
  2. What would your boss do if you asked him/her to raise your salary?
  3. Do you often argue withe people in your family?
  4. What do you think is the best way to prevent catching colds i winter?
  5. Are you good at remembering people’s birthdays?
  6. Are you expecting to pass or fail your next English exam?
  7. Do you think it metters if a wife earns more than her husbend?
  8. Has your car or bike ever been stolen?
  9. Are women really better at listening than men?
  10. Who do you look like in your family?

MINI GRAMMAR – would rather, had better
would rather – do
had better – not do

1. I think I’d better go now. It’s very late.
2. I’d rather go out on Friday instead of Saturday.
3. You had better not walk home. It’s a bit dangerous here at night.
4. Ana said she’d rather meet on Thursday afternoon.
5. James had better be careful. If the boss finds out, he’ll sack him.
6. Would you’d rather not go to the party. If David is going to be there?
7. You’d better not leave your bag there – someone will steal it.
8. My wife would rather not fly. She had a bad experience once.

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