Exercise. Fill in the Blanks

Place one of the new words in each of the blanks below.
1. If we do not do something about pollution, we may perish from this earth.
2. The jagged edge of that sheet of metal is very dangerous.
3. We were held captive by the sinister* enemy for ten days.
4. The bank teller’s crafty plan to steal a million dollars didn’t succeed.
5. I like to linger on until everyone else has left the theater.
6. My parents taught me not to be of defiant authority.
7. Did the ambush of the Lebanese soldiers fail?
8. Business persons can prosper if they are honest with their customers.
9. A new star has just emerged from the rock music world.
10. I can devour a steak in two minutes when I am hungry.
11. With a surprising show of vigor, the old woman swam up and down the pool six times!
12. A lack of calcium in Tyrone’s diet caused his bones to be quite fragile.