Decide on creative punishments for these crimes or offences.

1. An arsonist who sets fire to a local beauty spot, for example, a forest.
An arsonist should plant lots of trees and cultivate the land.

2. A 15 – year – old who is caught drinking and smoking.
He can get help in a special school where professionals will tell him about the danger of drinking and smoking.

3. A group of teenagers who paint graffiti all over walls in a small town.
They will get special ingredients to clean the graffiti themselves.

4. A couple whose dogs bark incessantly and bother the neighbors.
Dogs will live in a special place with dogs. The couple can visit them. And they can’t get back dogs until having an apartment.

5. A young person who creates a computer virus which infects thousands of computers.
That person should clean all. And the government will give him work, but sometime he would work for free.

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