Speaking Questions

I’d like to ask you some questions about your home.

1. Do you live in an apartment or a house?
I live in house.
2. Is it a large apartment/house?
Our house isn’t too large.
3. Who do you live there with?
I live with my family. Dad, mam, elder brother and little sister.
4. What is your favourite room in your apartment/house?
My favourite is my bedroom, for me it’s the most quiet and comfortable room.
5. Is it a quiet or noisy place to live?
It’s a quiet place, our house is far from large and noisy streets.
6. What can you see from the windows in your apartment/house?
Our house is on the nine floor and it’s a beautiful view from our kitchen and bedrooms, but from living room you just can see factory and workers.
7. If you could change anything about your apartment/house, what
would you change?
I think I will change that view from living room and I will make our house larger.