Make   up  sentences  with  the  given  words.

1) able, to help, tomorrow, think, I, work, with, don’t, be, them, their, you’ll
1. I don’t think you will be able to help them with their work tomorrow.
2) right, you, through, prefer, Would, now, morning, to look, mail ,the?
2. Would you prefer to look through the morning mail right now?
3) his, guilty, telling, He, friends, mother, looked, his, about, he, when, was
3. He looked guilty when he was telling his mother about his friends.
4) whenever, home, I’m, you, at, and, come, want, you, may
4. I’m at home and you may come whenever you want.
5) Italians, were, English, Among, tourists, good, the, who, there, spoke, two.
5. Among the tourists, there were two Italians who spoke good English.
6) conservative, world, are, the, Everybody, the, people, English, in, knows, the, most
6. Everybody knows the English are the most conservative people in the world.
7) he’ll, rain, needn’t , before, worry, back, You, stars, as, be, him, the, about
7. You needn’t worry about him he’ll back before the rain starts.
8) that, fell, down, sat, Nick, asleep, was, he, moment, the, so, he, tired
8. Nick was so tired that he fell asleep the moment when he sat down.
9) in, young, was, the, him, matter, lady, detail, to discuss, The, with, eager
9. The young lady was eager to discuss the matter with him in detail.

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