Interesting Facts about aliens and UFO

1. Home of the Aliens
It is believed that the favorable habitats of the Aliens are Mars, areas on Saturn’s moon Enceladus, whose south post is spotted with fountains, and Jupiter’s moons Europa and Callisto, whose frigid hulls may disguise boundless, basic seas of water.


2. UFO Sighting, Back in the History
Perhaps the first UFO sighting was reported in 1450 B.C. when Egyptians saw brilliant circles of light in the sky. In some Egyptian Hieroglyphics, specialists took helicopter, submarine, pontoon, and plane pictures.


3. For Helping Aliens
Some flame warriors in the United States are prepared to welcome the Aliens. They have even been given the information how to assist the wounded aliens.

4. The Government Knows it All
Edgar Mitchell, the 6th individual to stroll on the moon, guarantees that “outsiders have reached people a few times.” The Lunar Module Pilot guarantees that the administration still conceals the reality from individuals. Notwithstanding as per different studies, 48% think there is a secret administrative department of UFO information in the US government.


5. Kidnapped By the Alien
Mr. Ilyumzhinov from Kalmykia claimed that he was kidnapped by outsiders wearing yellow spacesuits on the night of September 17, 1997.


6. Chess, an Alien Game
One of the Presidents of the World Chess Federation once quoted that chess was concocted by outsiders.


7. Aliens to Bring Tourists
In a push to draw in more tourism and additionally extraterrestrials, the town of St Paul, Alberta made the world’s first UFO landing site. The UFO landing site is a raised stage with a guide of Canada embellished in the landing board. Under the stage lie the stones – every stone is taken from a specific Canadian area.


8. Why They Appear?
It is believed that Alien’s appearances depend on three reasons – a) an endeavor to impact the eventual fate of mankind, b) endeavor to caution or educate and c) experimental use.

9. The WOW Signal
Ohio state university spotted a sign that if they see UFO they should say “Wow Signal”.It was their key word and no one besides them could understand that signal.


10. Napoleon’s Alien Encounter!
The famous French King, Napoleon Bonaparte claimed he had been abducted by the Aliens. He really was missing for several days in July 1794.


11. Beware of contacting the Aliens!
According to Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, it is illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles.

12. First Photo
In the year 1883, an astronomer named Jose Bonilla in Zacatecas, Mexico took the first picture of a UFO.


13.Alien’s message!
In 2016, scientists have heard unusual messages from deep in space and they think that they are coming from Aliens.

14. Crop Circles
The Crop Circles are often believed to be created by the aliens as there is no proper explanation for this phenomenon.


15. Apollo 11 could not explain
Three Days into the Apollo 11 Mission, the team reported an interesting flying object not far away from their location. They accepted it was a part of the disengaged SIV-B rocket. The NASA has never explained what sort of thing it was!


16. Jupiter’s Red moon
A 2001 study revealed that Jupiter’s red moon, Europa, might just be comprised of solidified red microbes. Bactria, though small, is an enormous indication of the start of new life in space.


17.They Exist in Our Belief
According to various studies, 48% of Americans think UFOs are genuine, and 29% believe that we have reached outsiders.

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