Christmas Magic

Christmas is my favourite holiday. I love to celebrate this holiday with my friends and relatives, play with them interesting games, cook Christmas cakes, decorate the house and Christmas tree. I help my mom to prepare the dishes, I love to decorate them. I prefer to make gifts by myself. I usually  make dolls, Christmas tree decorations, toys, candle holders. I know that people like my handmade works more than ordinary gifts.

Christmas is celebrated differently in different countries. In Armenia people decorate there houses, streets, they meet with friends and relatives, exchange gifts, kids  write letters to Santa. Favorit foods on a Christmas table in Armenia are glazed ham,  minced pancakes, dried fruits, nuts, and sweets.

Many people say that in Armenia people celebrate Christmas with eating glazed ham and it is very boring. But I love this holiday very much and I think that everyone should celebrate it the way they want. And it will make them happier.